ANBI status

If you are wearing the foundation a warm heart? Belastingdienst.

Financial accountability

From 1 January 2014 it is mandatory for ANBIs to publish their financial accountability.

Annual reports


All texts on this website are written by members of the foundation. The volunteers have spent a lot of time and money in researching; reusing texts is therefore only permitted with an acknowledgement and a link to this website. Despite the use of trusted sources, there may be inaccuracies in the texts. Have you spotted a mistake? Please contact us.

The modern photographs on this website may be reused when accompanied by the correct acknowledgement and a link to this website. The historical images have been collected over the years by members of the foundation. It is often difficult to trace the copyright owner of historical images, some sources are: Nationaal Archief, NIOD, NIMH, Haags Gemeentearchief, Bundesarchiv. For images which our source is known a so appears tooltip if you stand on the image with your mouse. If you are holder of an image on this website and you are not satisfied with the publication? Please please contact us.

Board members

ChairmanGustaaf Boissevain
Vice-chairmanJeannette Doll-Gras
SecretaryJos Louwe
TreasurerPaul Hoogendoorn
Tours and project coordinatorPiet Hogendoorn
Space and PRJeroen Trimbos

Commission of recommendation

Wim de BieComedian, writer and singer
Ben BotFormer Minister of Foreign Affairs
Elco BrinkmanFormer minister of WVC
Ad HavermansFormer mayor of The Hague
Antoinette VisserFormer director of Haags Historisch Museum
Marie Christine van der SmanDirector of Museon